The SIRIS Student Analytics Team can be reached by e-mail at


Justin Lind, Business Intelligence Student Analytics Educator/Analyst

Justin is the most recent addition to the SIRIS team.  His focus is on identifying unmet training needs across the campus community and working to improve SIRIS content and functionality.

Clara Carter, Business Intelligence and Reporting Analyst

Clara is a business analyst working on many facets of the SIRIS ecosystem of reports. She is available to do custom training and consulting.  Clara also leads the university-wide SIRIS Program Team which is tasked with charting the course of future reporting developments.

Janice Pang, Senior Business Intelligence and Reporting Analyst

Janice is the expert on course and class enrollment data in SIRIS. She is currently developing new reporting to capture individual instructor data.

Lillian Lee, Senior Decision Support Analyst

Lillian leads the SIRIS team. She oversees all aspects of the project, as well as leading the roll-out of new reporting on census data.




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SIRIS is a work-in-progress, and its development has been heavily shaped by outreach to and requests from stakeholders across the university. The first release of SIRIS was piloted by a group of early adopters, with participants representing all seven schools and several other business units across campus. We continue to rely on feedback from users to brainstorm new features, identify bugs or data discrepancies, and to vet future data releases.