Help – Census Enrollment – Dashboard

Here are some tips and explanations for the various report tabs in the Census Autumn Enrollment dashboard.  Note that all reports in this dashboard only cover degree-seeking students, undergraduate, and graduate.  If you are interested in reporting on non-degree-seeking students, e.g. visiting researchers, for now, you need to use ad hoc reporting.

Drill-to-detail:  Whenever a number or label is blue and underlined, it can be drilled into.  Some users may only have access to aggregated data; they will not see the drill down links.

Degree Level and Type

Degree level refers to students’ level of degree plan — undergraduate or graduate; bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral.  It is the level of degree plan being pursued; this dashboard does not show completed, conferred degrees.

Degree type refers to students’ type of degree plan, academic or professional.  There are currently only 3 professional degrees (MBA, JD, MD); all other degrees at Stanford are academic.

There is one option for grouping students that combines the above characteristics, “B-aM-aD-P” (Bachelor’s, Academic Master’s, Academic Doctoral, Professional).  This degree grouping groups all professional students together, but then still splits out the remaining students by B-M-D, where the Master’s and Doctoral pursuits are academic only.


The graphs and charts on this tab provide information on the gender breakdown of students in the census.

URM Ethnicity

The graphs and charts on this tab provide high-level information on student race/ethnicity.  International students are separated out; then the US citizen or permanent resident students are categorized into Under-Represented Minority (URM, having at least one race/ethnicity that is considered to be under-represented compared to the US population at large), non-URM, and Unknown.

Gender and URM Ethnicity

The graphs and charts on this tab provide a breakdown of students along both gender and Under-Represented Minority lines.