Adding multiple EMPLIDs to a prompt or filter

Step 0: Prepare  your Excel file and highlight the EMPLIDS you want to copy/paste into SIRIS. You can paste up to 9,999 at a time, though we recommend working with smaller numbers to make data integrity checks easier. Your column of EMPLIDS should have the leading zeros intact, and no semicolons, quotes, or other punctuation. If Excel has stripped off the leading zeroes, an easy function to add them back on is =TEXT([value],”00000000″), where [value] is the cell you want to apply the function to.



Step 1: Select the drop down arrow in your EMPLID prompt…



…or, if you are filtering on a group of EMPLIDs, select the drop down arrow on your filter dialog window. (Selecting the magnifying glass also works and will take you directly to Step 3.)



Step 2: Select “More/Search” at the bottom.



Step 3: Click on the pencil icon to “Edit”.



Step 4: Copy and paste your highlighted EMPLIDs from your Excel file in Step 0 into the Edit box that pops up.



Step 5. Click “OK”



Step 6: Click “OK” again



Now you are all set to run your report!