September 2016

Upcoming SIRIS Training Opportunities!

New dashboard training sessions for October have been scheduled and are available for sign up on STARS. The available dates are Friday, October 14 or Monday, October 17, each from 1-4pm. If you sign up for a session, please ensure that you have been granted access to SIRIS and completed the online prerequisite at least 24 hours prior to the class session. Search for “IRDS-0100” or even just “SIRIS” in the STARS catalog to find the course and sign up. There is no cost.

We also have a new ad hoc training session scheduled for Wednesday, October 26. Participants need to have ad hoc access to the system and should have completed a dashboard training session prior to attending. Search STARS for “IRDS-0200” to find the course and enroll.

As a reminder, we are also willing to schedule custom trainings for groups across campus. Email if you and your colleagues are interested in this option.

Intriguing  Ad Hoc!

The ad hoc environment in SIRIS allows users to create custom queries using any of the available data fields, so that many questions about students that were previously difficult, time-consuming, or impossible to answer can now be resolved in hours or even minutes. Here are a couple of recent examples of how the ad hoc capability has come in handy:

Undergraduate Majors There has been great interest on campus in understanding undergraduate behavior with regards to major declaration. By using ‘nested’ queries in SIRIS—that is, feeding the results of one query directly into another—we can identify and analyze patterns of “abandoned majors” that students declare but then never finish. SIRIS also lets us take a look at when students declare their major, count double majors , and compare trends across groups and over time.

Email Lists When there is a legitimate university business need to generate a student email list, a SIRIS ad hoc query can transform this from a tedious, time-consuming task to one that takes only minutes. Several community centers on campus often need email lists for particular groups of students in order to carry out their missions—SIRIS now allows us to build custom queries to generate such lists quickly and reliably.

If you have other SIRIS success stories, either using the dashboard or ad hoc environment, we would love to hear from you! Send us a note at if you would be willing to share your experience.

No SAKE in September

The regular Student Analytics Knowledge Exchange for this month has been cancelled, as it coincided with the first day of classes - a busy time for everyone! The next meeting will be Monday, October 24 at 11am. There will be one additional meeting in 2016 for November/December on Monday, November 28.

Bug Fix!

Some users had experienced a small bug in the ‘Plan and Term Enrollment’ dashboard where, when shifting between reports, a term specified in the selection criteria could disappear after clicking “Apply”. We’re pleased to report that this has now been fixed.

Testing of Census Data Continues

For those of you anxiously awaiting the release of SIRIS 1H, which contains the university’s official census data, we hope to have an official go-live date soon. A small team of dedicated folks within IR&DS and across the campus are working hard to ensure that the 1H dashboards and ad hoc fields are in line with specifications and provide accurate data. We are also reviewing the authority structure for the new release and will hopefully be able to communicate with our SIRIS authority grantors in the next couple of weeks with details about granting access.

If you are still wondering about why census data might be useful to you, what the different flavors are, and how it differs from the enrollment data in SIRIS 1 (the current release), you may want to check out our new (in progress) census help page on the SIRIS website.  

SIRIS (Student Integrated Reporting and Information System) is a tool designed to allow customized and in-depth reporting on students at Stanford. SIRIS is sponsored by the University Budget Office and Business Affairs, and is the product of a collaborative effort between Institutional Research and Decision Support  and Administrative Systems, in consultation with the Registrar’s Office and representatives from the Schools and VP areas.

Email or visit to learn more.

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