July 2017

No SAKE this month

The monthly Student Analytics Knowledge Exchange for July has been cancelled, however, you can still get involved this month by coming to a SUDS-STU meeting! The goal of these meetings is to establish definitions for the data elements related to courses and class enrollment that will be appearing in the next phase of the SIRIS project.

SUDS-STU is happening on Monday, July 31 at 11am in Littlefield 243.

Looking for an old newsletter?

If you ever find yourself thinking, “That old SIRIS newsletter that explained about Program Status and Enrollment Status was so useful - I wish I could find it again…”, have no fear! All of our newsletters are archived on the SIRIS webpage, along with a short list of keywords and topics covered each month. That way you never have to dig through your email. Also, looking over the list of topics is a good way to see what interesting features you might have missed from a previous month!

Input requested on SIRIS 2C: Reporting on Instruction

This summer, development efforts are continuing in earnest on the next stages of the SIRIS reporting project—Course and Class Enrollment (Phase 2A/B) and Instruction (Phase 2C). Even though it will be some time before these new reporting systems are ready and available for use across campus, there are many ways to get involved in the design and testing process.

In particular, we are very interested in hearing from people all across campus about their needs for reporting on class instruction. SIRIS 2C, the Instruction release, will bring together data regarding courses and students with information on instructors. Imagine being able to quickly bring up a list of all courses taught by all faculty in your school and to see how the number of courses has changed over the last 10 years, or to easily produce a breakdown of what types of instructors teach in a particular program or subject area. One of the goals of 2C is to provide different metrics for calculating and allocating teaching effort, so if you have opinions about what kinds of metrics (e.g. enrollments pro-rated by appointment FTE, distinct students taught, units pro-rated by number of instructors, etc.),  would be useful to you or your local part of campus, we want to hear from you! Please send an email to siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu and we can arrange a time to meet with you.

We are at the very earliest stages of designing 2C, so this is your chance to have a potentially large impact on what the final system will be capable of!


Confused? Curious? Concerned? Send us an email at siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu or attend an upcoming SAKE meeting (see above for the schedule).

SIRIS usage by the numbers!

SIRIS (Student Integrated Reporting and Information System) is a tool designed to allow customized and in-depth reporting on students at Stanford. SIRIS is sponsored by the University Budget Office and Business Affairs, and is the product of a collaborative effort between Institutional Research and Decision Support  and Administrative Systems, in consultation with the Registrar’s Office and representatives from the Schools and VP areas.

Email siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu or visit siris.stanford.edu to learn more.

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