July 2016

Latest Updates on SIRIS - Census Enrollment (release 1H)

The latest addition to SIRIS has officially begun User Acceptance Testing! This new SIRIS release will include autumn census data on academic plan enrollment as well as a limited number of student attributes. It will provide easier access to the stable, static official university headcounts and enable meaningful comparisons to published university statistics.

We will be looking for campus Early Adopters to help us test in August—the new release is very similar to the current release, so little additional training will be required.  An e-mail with more information will go out in early August; we expect the system to go live by mid-September.

Taking SIRIS live across campus!

Following on the tails of our successful Early Adopter program, we are now in the process of rolling out access to SIRIS to a wider university audience. The first step has been to identify individuals in each area of the campus (typically by school or VP area) who will serve as Authority Grantors for SIRIS. In the coming weeks we hope to have an initial list of Authority Grantors across the university, so if you have colleagues who are excited to starting using the system, we’ll be able to point you to the right person to contact regarding access. Many of you receiving this newsletter will be serving as Authority Grantors yourselves and we’d like to thank you in advance for your support of the system and for helping us ensure that student data is both protected and used effectively at Stanford.

Additionally, as more users gain access to the system, we plan to offer a new round of trainings in both dashboard and ad hoc usage. If you would be interested in setting up a training session for your local area of the university, please send us an email at siris-support-team@mailman.stanford.edu. Trainings can be customized according to the reporting needs of the users in your school or office, and we can work with you to schedule a time and place that will be convenient for you.

Next SAKE Meeting

The next Student Analytics Knowledge Exchange will take place on Monday, July 25 from 11am-12pm in Littlefield 243. This month’s focus will be “All about coterms”. So if you have any reporting needs or questions about coterms, we encourage you to stop by. You can also visit the SAKE confluence page any time to see notes and agendas from previous meetings.

OBIEE 12C Postponed

As many of you may have already heard, the University has delayed the switch over to OBIEE 12C due to concerns about the number of bugs and issues remaining in the upgrade, and the need to have stable reporting during fiscal yearend. The new go live date is October 1. A few of us recently had the chance to test drive 12C and will share a list of what to expect in the new version in an upcoming newsletter.

New Logo!

SIRIS Student Analytics has a new logo inspired by the underlying data model (a star schema), and the similarity between our acronym and the Sirius star! We hope to have some fun SIRIS-branded items in the near future.

SIRIS 2 Specs Submitted

Work on the “Courses and Instruction” phase of SIRIS has continued in earnest throughout the summer, and active development will begin this fall. If you have any interest helping to provide feedback on the functional specifications for SIRIS 2, please let us know!

SIRIS (Student Integrated Reporting and Information System) is a tool designed to allow customized and in-depth reporting on students at Stanford. SIRIS is sponsored by the University Budget Office and Business Affairs, and is the product of a collaborative effort between Institutional Research and Decision Support  and Administrative Systems, in consultation with the Registrar’s Office and representatives from the Schools and VP areas.

Email siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu to learn more.

To learn more about student data definitions and reporting elements, visit the Data Governance Center.

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