January 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

SAKE on January 30th

Don’t miss this month’s SAKE meeting, as we have a lot of interesting things to discuss! Topics will include

  • snapshots of initial class enrollment (which would allow easy analysis of trends in enrollment/waitlist numbers)
  • the structure of permissions in SIRIS 2
  • incorporating students’ academic plan into SIRIS 2

We’d also like to hear your feedback about the possibilities for the new ‘Report Library’ mentioned below. All in all, it should be a lively meeting!

Time: 11am Monday, January 30 Place: Room 243 Littlefield Center

Upcoming SIRIS Trainings

Dashboard Training

(search for IRDS-0100 in STARS):

  • Thursday, 1/26 from 1-4pm
  • Monday, 2/13 from 9am-12pm

Ad Hoc Training

(search for IRDS-0200 in STARS):

  • Friday, 1/ 27 from 1-4pm

Note that you must have been granted access to SIRIS at least 24 hours before the training session.

As always, if you would like to arrange custom group or one-on-one training, please email us.

URM Indicator Fixed! (SIRIS 1)

The URM (Under-represented minority) indicator field in the SIRIS 1 ad hoc environment has been fixed and is now working correctly. Previously, a small number of international students erroneously had a URM indicator value of “Y”; however, by definition only US citizens and permanent residents can belong to this category - see the definition in the Data Governance Center for further explanation (Stanford network connection required).

The URM counts in the SIRIS 1 plan enrollment dashboards have always been correct, so this fix only impacts ad hoc queries where the URM indicator might have been used without cross-checking with citizenship group.  

As always, you can see an up-to-date list of any known bugs or issues with SIRIS and their status on our webpage.


Confused? Curious? Concerned? Send us an email at siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu or attend an upcoming SAKE meeting (see above for the schedule).

Introducing the SIRIS “Report Library”

The new year is off to an exciting start for SIRIS - we’re very happy to announce the availability of a useful new feature of the system. We can now share custom reports created in the ad hoc environment with users who only have dashboard access through a new folder in the BI catalog called “Report Library”. This is a brand new capability which will allow us to streamline the sharing of information and reports beyond the regular SIRIS dashboards.  The other distinct characteristic of this new shared space, unique among the folders in the Ad Hoc area, is that only our SIRIS team can make changes to reports -- the contents will be protected from inadvertent edits and changes, although ad hoc folks can make editable copies if desired.

We’ll be talking about the Report Library in this month’s SAKE meeting (see above for time and location), and we’d love to hear any feedback from our users. We still have to work out a number of details, such as how the Report Library should be organized, and what sort of reports are appropriate to keep there, since they would be visible to anyone with access to SIRIS. But we’re excited about the possibilities this opens up for responding to requests and providing custom solutions to data needs across campus. In particular, if the existing SIRIS dashboards are not meeting your needs for any reason (e.g. a needed data field is missing), let us know and we can work on crafting a modified version available through the Report Library.

January Scavenger Hunt!

Congratulations to Indira Choudhury, winner of November’s SIRIS Scavenger Hunt! For those of you following along, the challenge in the last newsletter was to use Stanford’s Data Governance Center to find the number of undergraduate units at which a student’s Academic Class switches from ‘Sophomore’ to ‘Junior’. The correct answer is 85, found on this page. We hope Indira enjoys her chocolate prize.

For this month, we’re headed back to the SIRIS dashboards. Can you figure out:

What was the top undergraduate major (by number of degrees awarded) in each of following the summer-start years: 1985-86, 1995-96, and 2005-06?

Email your answer, along with the name of the dashboard you used to find it, to siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu for a chance to win. We will share the answer, as well as how to find it, in next month’s newsletter!


SIRIS (Student Integrated Reporting and Information System) is a tool designed to allow customized and in-depth reporting on students at Stanford. SIRIS is sponsored by the University Budget Office and Business Affairs, and is the product of a collaborative effort between Institutional Research and Decision Support  and Administrative Systems, in consultation with the Registrar’s Office and representatives from the Schools and VP areas.

Email siris-support-team@lists.stanford.edu or visit siris.stanford.edu to learn more.

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