We make every effort to ensure that the data in SIRIS is correct and that the logic behind derived fields is valid. However, due to the complexity of Stanford’s data infrastructure and the ongoing development of the system, we occasionally come across inconsistencies. Below is a list of known data issues in SIRIS which may impact reporting. Each of these is in the process of being addressed, and this page will be updated accordingly once the fix is in place. You can also see a complete list of system updates and changes, including improvements and added capabilities, here.

As always, please contact if you have questions or would like more information about any of the issues raised below.


Admit-to-Completion Enrolled Term Count—This field returning numbers that are sometimes larger than the Admit-to-Completion Elapsed Term Count. The ‘Elapsed’ count is calculated from the Admit Term and Completion Term associated with a particular plan, however, the Enrolled Term Count is looking only at Program and Enrollment Status, which means that if a student was previously or subsequently enrolled under another plan, they will occasionally appear to be “Active” and “Not Withdrawn” before the Admit Term or after the Completion Term.

Impact: Moderate—This field is only found in the ad hoc environment, but should not be used until the underlying logic is fixed.

Status: Unresolved as of 10/26/16

(FIXED!) URM Indicator—Currently, there are some international students who have a “Y” value for the URM indicator (only US citizens and permanent residents should be coded as URM).

Impact: Minor—Only a small number of students have the incorrect value. This would would only impact ad hoc queries where the URM indicator is not combined with the US citizen/permanent resident indicator. The SIRIS dashboards are correct.

Status: Resolved as of 12/15/16

Coterm Flags—The Coterm Indicator (ad hoc field) is only valid when reporting on the current term. When reporting on previous terms, use the “Historical Attributes” folders. The “Coterm ever” Indicator is currently unreliable and should not be used.

Impact: Major—Coterm reporting is still quite tricky in SIRIS. This set of slides from a recent SAKE meeting contains more information about best practices and common pitfalls when reporting on coterm students.

Status: Unresolved as of 8/8/16

First Undergraduate Degree-Seeking Term—Values for this ad hoc field are missing for many students in cohorts prior to 2013.

Impact: Potentially major if using this field for ad hoc reporting prior to 2013.

Status: Cause identified, timing of fix still TBD as of 8/12/16 (due to fiscal year-end code freeze)

Census Counting Headcounts —Values for the University, School, and Major Headcount fields, in the Census Counting folder, are not correct yet.

Impact: Do not use these fields yet, to try to get unduplicated counts or counts similar to census results.

Status: Being researched, as of 8/31/2016

(FIXED!) Plan and Term Enrollment Dashboard “Term” Field—Occasionally when choosing terms in the selection criteria for the Plan and Term Enrollment Dashboard, the term will reset when clicking “Apply”. This appears to be a bug. Usually leaving the dashboard entirely and returning will solve the problem.

Impact: Minor—Mostly just annoying.

Status: Resolved as of 9/18/16)

(FIXED!) Plan Enrollment Student List—The “Plan Enrollment Student List” tab on the “Plan and Term Enrollment” dashboard does not include Term Enrollment Status in the selection criteria and thus the results may include some students who were active in their plan for the selected terms, but were actually withdrawn for the selected quarter.

Impact: Minor—We recommend using the “Plan Enrollment Counts by Term” tab instead, and choosing one of the “student listing” views.

Status: Resolved as of 10/21/16

(FIXED!) The future-dating problem—When using the Term Fact for ad hoc queries on the current term, the results are showing a student’s anticipated status on the last day of the quarter (in the future) instead of the current day. For example, a student on leave with a return date before the last day of the quarter will show up as “Active”.

Impact:   Minor – Only impacts ad hoc queries done on the current term, and the number of incorrect results will decrease as the term progresses.

Status: Resolved as of 10/15/2016