The first release of SIRIS has four dashboards, described below. Note that the first two dashboards do not include any student information.

1. Academic Offerings

This dashboard contains information about the possible academic pathways that students may undertake, both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking, and presents an integrated view of the entire Career-Program-Plan-Subplan hierarchy including minors, honors, etc.

Sample questions that can be answered in this dashboard:

  • What programs/plans are offered in my school?
  • What fields have Master’s degree options in my school? Do any also have an Engineer degree option?
  • What kinds of plans are offered in a given department? Is there an Honors option? What about a Minor?
  • Which schools and departments have a Graduate Visiting Researcher option?

2. Academic Structure Components

This dashboard presents a more dictionary-style view of the main pieces of the Academic Structure and is good for looking up codes, or other information specific to one component.

Sample questions that can be answered in this dashboard:

  • I can’t figure out what this Acad Plan code stands for, where can I look it up?
  • What degrees are currently offered at Stanford?

3. Degrees Conferred

This dashboard contains information about degrees conferred since the summer of 1984. Currently only “Study Field Count” is available; this counts undergrads under each major plan they completed.  Other counts will be available later. One of the views includes information on the most popular undergraduate majors at Stanford.

Sample questions that can be answered in this dashboard:

  • Among degree recipients, what have been the most popular UG majors over the years? 
  • How many PhDs in History were conferred in the summer start year 2014-2015?

4. Plan and Term Enrollment

This dashboard contains details on student plan enrollments by term.  Status at the end of the term is used; therefore these counts will not exactly match the official census counts, which are usually as of the 3rd-4th week of the term.  Also data before the 3rd-4th week will be inflated, before term cancel occurs.

Sample questions that can be answered in this dashboard:

  • What is the enrollment history for a given student?
  • Who are all the students in a given department or study field in a given term?